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Nowadays it is more important than ever to guarantee sound claims management and efficient claims handling.
The basis for this is an impartial and sound assessment of claim at the site with relevant documentation of the circumstances and causalities.

We offer a professional solution on the basis of many years experience and our knowledge of your claims, however specific they may be.
For you, as our Principal quality, promptness and efficiency of a report are essential.
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In the case of a loss occurrence we are the competent and impartial mediator for an intervention and assessment of losses. Our specialists take care of the limitation of losses, the assessment of the cause and the amount of loss.

We issue reports for road, rail, aviation and marine carriers in the fields of:
transport liability, cargo insurance, packing, marine hull for sport boats, damage to containers and P&I.

Apart from this we offer our services in the fields of general liability and property insurance claims.


Loss Assessment

When a loss occurs, quick action is necessary.

Our team is normally at the site of a loss occurrence very quickly and assesses material damage, takes care of the preservation of evidence and minimization of the loss.

Our Services:
Assessment of damage and assessment of the amount of loss, investigations into the cause of loss, checking and evaluating of packing.


Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention - Investigations into packing, storage, loading and transport issues in order to avoid damage. 

Loss prevention can minimize damage and costs considerably. Our risk management service provides extensive checks and consultation.
Checking of packing and consultation, warehouse inspections, load protection, dispatch controls, loading and discharge supervision, stowage and discharge supervision, stock and risk control.


Water Sports

Traffic density has also increased on waterways, which has increased risks. Accidents and hull damage are not only annoying, but also painful. Questions of guilt have to be answered ? who will pay the damage? How much will I receive for my damaged boat? What happens in the case of personal injuries?

We can help you in the case of accidents and damage to private vessels in the same way as in the commercial business.

Our fields of competence:
Intervention, assessment of loss, hull damage and third-party liability, motor damage, appraisal reports.


Salvage Sales

If our Principals wish us to arrange a salvage sale of damaged goods, we have extensive contacts to professional purchasers, from whom tenders can be obtained to obtain the best possible salvage proceeds in order to minimize the loss.


Special Skills

Our adjusters and surveyors are specialists, who have gained extensive knowledge and experience on individual groups of goods during their work.

Our Fields of Expertise:
Chemical products, pharmaceutical products, electronics, mechanically and electronically driven machines, food, refrigerated goods, spices, cereals, paper/cellulose, wood, steel/metal, textiles and clothing, household goods and personal effects, jewellery, furs/leather, motor vehicles, water sports ...


Extent of operation

As a partner of the insurance and transport economy for commerce, industry and private customers, we work on an international basis. Integrated in global networks we are able to organise surveys all over the world.


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